About Us

We are a team of engineers and dental professionals developing, designing and manufacturing mouthpiece toothbrushes since 2012. We invented the tailored 3D-printed 3D-Toothbrush in 2012 for blizzident.com to help eliminating toothaches once and forever.

We constantly optimized the design and manufacturing-methods over the following years until 2019. We gathered and analyzed thousands of denture-scans and -impressions and tailored for them, constantly aiming for the absolute cleaning perfection. This led us to a new revolutionary idea: the perfect "one size fits all"-cleaning tool, that costs much less and is immediately accessible: the sponge-toothbrush. We further optimized the original idea through 2020 and 2021 and version 7 is the perfected product you can see and purchase on this website: the Blizzbrush.

Typical denture scan we tailored to.


Our final tailored, 3D-printed 3D-Toothbrush design in 2019.

Our tailored 3D-Flosser. We are not manufacturing it anymore because the Sponge makes flossing much less necessary.