• Permanent version of the Blizzflosser lasts for ever

      The tailored BlizzFlosser is available in Plastic or Aluminum now, and lasts for ever. The yearly cost of using the Blizzflosser is just 9.99 for...
  • New BlizzFlosser: 3D-printed Aluminum

    The tailored 3D-printed aluminum BlizzFlosser lasts for ever. Yearly replacement floss costs just 9.99
  • Blizzbrush received 1.8 Mio. Likes on Dental Digest

    Blizzbrush received 1.8 Mio. Likes on Dental Digest
  • The new BlizzFlosser 4.0: Tooth Flossing Solved

    The new BlizzFlosser 4.0 solves tooth-flossing for many people.
  • European University started Clinical Study of the Blizzbrushes

    A European University started a clinical study now, to examine whether the Blizzbrushes can even be used in care homes.
  • Why and how I developed a 10 times better toothbrush (as an ex-F1-engineer)
  • New easy + low-cost method to take the impressions for BlizzFlosser tailoring

      We used to send dental impression kits to our customers - but that takes much time, is expensive, difficult to use, and bad for the environment. ...
  • Colgate shows our toothbrush, says "This is the future."

    Head of Colgate toothbrush design shows Blizzbrush, says "mouthpiece toothbrushes are the future of the toothbrush."
  • Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) confirm stunning cleaning efficacy of the Blizzbrush

    In a recent discussion about the Blizzbrush 7 on LinkedIn, several sceptic RDH's requested to test. We sent them tester sponges. Here are the reac...
  • Why Brushing Your Teeth is Good For Your Mind

    Overall, the text provides strong evidence that poor oral health is a risk factor for dementia. By maintaining good oral hygiene, you can help to reduce your risk of developing this serious condition.
  • Testers confirm stunning cleaning efficacy of the Blizzbrush 5.0

    Dentists, bloggers, testers, users confirm stunning cleaning efficacy of the Blizzbrush.
  • New Blizzbrush 7.0

    We started manufacturing the Blizzbrush 7.0 now, which is the optimized, perfected Blizzbrush 6.0. The biting slits in the molar region are broader...