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Perfect tooth cleaning made simple, and fast.

Traditional toothbrushing and flossing always leaves large parts of the denture uncleaned, leading to bad breath, inflammations, caries and expensive tooth problems.

We have solved the problem.

The Toothbrush-Sponge cleans all teeth perfectly in few seconds

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The new Blizzflosser 4.0

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"I like the new Blizzbrush very much!"

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Franchi, Director of the Postgraduate Orthodontic Program and Dean of the School of Dentistry at the University of Florence

"Just received my package today.

Just tried the brush for the first time.

+ I feel like overall it works as advertised.

+ Definitely feels like it cleans spots that were unreachable before.

+ incredibly fast

+ my worry that the sponge is unhygienic seems unwarranted. Cleans super easy under running water and dries over a glass as suggested."

(Nov 15th 2022, Comment on Kickstarter: ).

Robert B., Hörbranz, Austria

"The Blizzbrush is fun to use!"

Dr. Tristan Peh, Dentist, Singapore

"Fantastic cleaning tools."

Dr. A. Meier, Dentist, Germany

"So glad I found this."

Rebecca Swift, NY

"This solved such an important problem for me."

Anthony Lundgren, Chicago

"My whole family is blizzbrushing now."

Linda Brady, LA

Blizzbrush 7.0

April 2023: the perfected toothcleaning-sponge is here.

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