The revolutionary toothbrush.

Perfect toothcleaning made easy.

The sponge-toothbrush cleans all teeth perfectly in few seconds by just biting and grinding in it.

The silicone sponge is anti-microbial and perfectly hygienic.

Toothbrush-bristles inside the biting-slits reach the tiniest cavities and scratch the dirt out of them.

The silicone-sponge in your mouth

The result: simple cleaning perfection

Typical cleaning result

I ordered the sponges for my whole family.

Dr. Antonio R., Dentist, Rome

Simply brilliant.

Mary Eriksson, TX, USA, after having used it for several months.

One of the most useful products I ever bought.

Tom Schreyer, San Diego, USA

Best toothbrush ever!

Ann Barnard, NY, USA

Save the planet. Conventional toothbrushes are a recycling-nightmare. The sponge is 100% easy recyclable.

Conventional toothbrush-bristle-heads are a recycling nightmare. Because the bristle-filaments are anchored in plastic with metal-blades. The plastic+metal-mixture creates a huge recycling problem. Our toothbrush-sponge consists only of silicone and nylon, which is totally easy to recycle. Also no batteries are needed - another environmental- and recycling-nightmare avoided.

No electricity, no noise.

The sponge needs zero electricity, and thus is 100% ecological. This also means there is no noise - you don't wake up other family members anymore when brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush at 6 am.

You even train your jaw- and facial-muscles while using it.

There are even dedicated "biting-tools" for this purpose alone, which claim this made your face look healthier and younger... - how cool is that?

Handmade with love.

Conventional toothbrushes are manufactured by robots by the thousands per minute. This makes them cheaper, less effective because of rounded filament ends, and a recycling nightmare because of the resulting metal/plastic mix.

Whereras our super-effective sponges are ecological and made by hand with love by real humans, who are grateful for the work you provide them with.

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