This revolutionary toothbrush saves your teeth.

Perfect tooth cleaning made easy.

Conventional manual and electric toothbrushes always leave large parts of your denture uncleaned

because they can not reach all places, and the hand does not move them everywhere, and most people don't brush long enough (only 45 sec on average), and not with correct brushing technique.

This leads to bad breath, inflammations, caries and periodontosis. Scientific studies show that they always only clean "up to 70%".

The sponge-toothbrush cleans all teeth perfectly in few seconds

by just biting and grinding in it.

The Blizzbrush cleans 100%, easily, automatically, with perfect cleaning-technique, in few seconds, thus solving the whole tooth cleaning problem. Developed by the inventors of the mouthpiece toothbrush.

Thank you Dr. Tristan Peh for kindly showing the Blizzbrush cleans fantastically even if you don't use it correctly!!! :-)

Best toothbrush ever!

Ann Barnard, NY, USA

No electricity, no noise.

The sponge needs zero electricity, and thus is 100% ecological. This also means there is no noise - you don't wake up other family members anymore when brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush at 6 am.

Save the planet. Conventional toothbrushes are a recycling-nightmare. The sponge is 100% easy recyclable.

Conventional toothbrush-bristle-heads are a recycling nightmare. Because the bristle-filaments are anchored in plastic with metal-blades. The plastic+metal-mixture creates a huge recycling problem. Our toothbrush-sponge consists only of silicone and nylon, which is totally easy to recycle. Also no batteries are needed - another environmental- and recycling-nightmare avoided.

Handmade with love.

Conventional toothbrushes are manufactured by robots by the thousands per minute. This makes them cheaper, less effective because of rounded filament ends, and a recycling nightmare because of the resulting metal/plastic mix.

Whereras our super-effective sponges are ecological and made by hand with love by real humans, who are grateful for the work you provide them with.

Start saving your teeth


Perfect cleaning - Automatic - Fast - Whiter teeth - Tongue cleaning included - 100% cleaning eliminates bad breath - Perfect cleaning of "gingival sulcus" - Much less flossing needed - No Electronics - No battery - No power consumption - No noise - Long lasting sponges - 100% recyclable

Learn more about how it works

and why+how we developed the Blizzbrush:

How it works