Usage of the Blizzbrush


You basically just bite into the sponge slits and bite and grind for about 15 seconds.

Below the video you find a more detailed description.


1. Rinse mouth, then put a bit of toothpaste on your tongue, mix with saliva, move mixed fluid around your mouth to distribute over teeth, then spit out.

2. Take bent sponge into mouth, put tongue between wings. 

3. Move sponge further into mouth until front teeth feel the slits, and lips reach the front part of the sponge. Then move jaw forwards/backwards, and left/right to move teeth into slits. Pressing the front parts down with your lips enlarges the slits and facilitates biting in.

4. Make biting movements, while moving jaw left/right and forwards/backwards. Pressing the tongue against the sponge increases pressures and thus cleaning efficacy.

5. After biting for about 10-20 seconds, also grind left/right and backwards/forwards for a few seconds while bitten in deeply.

5. After a complete time of 20-30 seconds, take sponge out, rinse mouth again, and wash sponge under running water, squeeze out, then shake out (after about 20 times of shaking it will even be almost dry already). Put on water-glass for drying.


Flossing is still necessary (although much less than without a Blizzbrush).

Don't forget your yearly or half-yearly checkups with your dentist and dental hygienist.