Why and how we developed the toothcleaning-sponge.

We are a team of Swiss-German engineers and dentists and have been obsessed with high-tech cleaning tools and dentistry for many years.

The following video shows our development-history and -rationale from 2012 to 2022:


We had invented the 3D-printed tailored Mouthpiece-Toothbrush in 2012, and thus invented the new category of "mouthpiece-toothbrushes". When we introduced it the Youtube video went viral within days and media around the world reported about it.

It was designed to clean all teeth by just biting and grinding in it for few seconds. We had even invented a new type of toothbrush-bristles to make this possible. We had tailored, perfected and 3D-printed our Mouthpiece-Toothbrushes from then on for many years until the end of 2019.

This lead to the "Sponge-Tootbrush"-idea in 2019, and we have developed and manufactured different variants since 2020. The Blizzbrush 6.0 is the final, perfected version of it.