The revolutionary toothbrush-sponge.

Perfect toothcleaning - easy and fast

The Toothbrush-Sponge cleans all teeth at the same time, by just biting and grinding in it for a few seconds. Safe, and perfect, and fast - Toothbrushing solved.

According to clinical studies manual and electric toothbrushes clean just up to 70%, and only if correctly used for 2-3 minutes. Their geometry can not reach all places, and people typically only brush for about 40 seconds, and not with the correct brushing techniques and pressures.

Cleaning success is 100% dependent on how and where your hand is moving these toothbrushes.

But we have solved these problems now: with the Toothbrush-Sponge.

It cleans everywhere automatically, easily, and soft and safe, by just biting and grinding in it for a few seconds. No "brushing technique", and not much time needed anymore.

Typical cleaning routine. While pushing the sponge into your mouth you also push its wings to the left and right with your tongue. With fingers and tongue you can increase bristle pressures. Press with fingers and tongue while biting and grinding.



Above: (C) 2021 Dentist Dr. Tristan Peh, showing stunning cleaning result after a few seconds Blizzbrush biting+grinding.


Above: Easy washing and drying of the anti-microbial silicone sponge.

The following video shows a detailed, explained,  slow-motion "how to use". While pushing the sponge into your mouth you also push its wings to the left and right with your tongue. Press with fingers and tongue while biting and grinding.


The Silicone sponge is perfectly hygienic. Its completely airy ("open-cell") structure does not keep dirt or bacteria, is easily washable and dries fast. Silicone is perfectly anti-microbial, no dirt adheres to it.

It adapts to all teeth and dentures, and the silicone fibers clean tooth surfaces wonderfully - in addition to the traditional nylon toothbrush it contains. It is the result of 10 years of development and manufacturing of high-tech toothcleaning-tools.



 Above: Showing Blizzbrush cleaning with a teeth model


The nylon toothbrush bristles reach into the "gingival sulcus" (space between teeth and gums), interdental regions, and cavities especially well.

In the Blizzbrush 5 they are mounted in an innovative new way, which makes the toothbrush-sponge possible in this ergonomic, easy-to-use form.

Traditional toothbrushes are using metal blades to mount the bristles in a plastic body, making them a recycling nightmare. We have solved this problem as well, our sponges are 100% easy recyclable. They consist only of easy-to-recycle silicone and nylon.

How it works in the mouth

Biting and grinding in the Blizzbrush while moving the jaws left-right and forward-backward replicates the Bass-cleaning method and Gumline-cleaning method recommended by dentists.

Above: Biting and grinding in the sponge replicates the cleaning methods recommended by dentists.

Above: Blizzbrush Bristlestrips hugging your teeth

The following animation shows how it works in the mouth:


Dentists (not affiliated with us) confirm stunning cleaning efficacy:

Above: Dr. Peh's test of the older Blizzbrush v2

In October 2021 we sent the older Blizzbrush (v 2.0, which was still a straight strip, for manufacturing reasons) to several dentists not affiliated with us. Here for example is a test by Dr. Tristan Peh in Singapore.  Although he did not even use it correctly (he didn't look at the instructions, he used absurdly much toothpaste, and he did not take the sponge into the mouth completely), the cleaning result after few seconds was already simply stunning. 

We had manufactured and sold these straight sponges between 2019 and 2022. The new, current version 5.0 further optimized the design, and enables soft, easy and safe cleaning throughout. 

Below you can see the original test (of the older, larger, straight Version 2) Dr. Tristan Peh had posted on Youtube in Nov 2021 (he did not use it correctly, and still achieved a stunning cleaning result). We are not affiliated with him in the slightest way. Since then we further perfected cleaning efficacy and finally made it super simple to use in the denture-shaped Blizzbrush 5.



Why and how we developed this.

We are a team of Swiss-German engineers and dentists and have been obsessed with high-tech cleaning tools and dentistry for many years.

The following video shows our development-history and -rationale from 2012 to 2022:


We had invented the 3D-printed tailored Mouthpiece-Toothbrush in 2012, and thus invented the new category of "mouthpiece-toothbrushes". When we introduced it the Youtube video went viral within days and media around the world reported about it.

It was designed to clean all teeth by just biting and grinding in it for few seconds. We had even invented a new type of toothbrush-bristles to make this possible. We had tailored, perfected and 3D-printed our Mouthpiece-Toothbrushes from then on for many years until the end of 2019.



But they were difficult and expensive to design and manufacture. And people needed to take impressions! We analyzed 1000s of impressions, denture- and tooth-geometries 2012-2019. We tailored toothbrushes, developed and optimized the design-software and the toothbrush-design. We gathered enormous knowledge and experience about tooth cleaning and tooth- and denture-geometries over all these many years.

This made us think about possible cheaper and better solutions all the time.

All the time we were thinking about how we could achieve brilliant cleaning efficacy in an affordable and elegant way, so many more people would have access to it. In 2019 we finally had the idea how this can be achieved with a special silicone-sponge. The right sponge can adapt to all individual teeth and dentures perfectly, and nothing scrubs away dirt like the right sponge...Many prototypes and much testing later we know: this is the solution. First it was just a sponge, and soon we combined the sponge with our special toothbrush bristles, which leads to extreme cleaning performance. They even reach the "Gingival Sulcus" (space between teeth and gums) and the gumline especially well.  Customers have been using the first versions for 2 years already now, and helped us to perfect the product. One sponge lasts ca. 3 months.


 Blizzbrush v5.0


You can read more about how the brush works here.