About Us

We are a team of engineers and dental professionals developing, designing and manufacturing mouthpiece toothbrushes since 2012. We invented the tailored 3D-printed 3D-Toothbrush in 2012 for blizzident.com to help eliminating toothaches once and forever.

Our engineering is located in Germany and Spain. Blizzbrushes are available worldwide. Deliveries are coordinated by our Spanish distribution partner.

We constantly optimized the design and manufacturing-methods over the following years until 2019. We gathered and analyzed thousands of denture-scans and -impressions and tailored for them, constantly aiming for the absolute cleaning perfection. This led us to a new revolutionary idea: the perfect "one size fits all"-cleaning tool, that costs much less and is immediately accessible: the sponge-toothbrush. We further optimized the original idea through 2020 and 2021 and version 7.0 is the perfected product you can see and purchase on this website: the Blizzbrush.

Typical denture scan we tailored to.


Our final tailored, 3D-printed 3D-Toothbrush design in 2019.

Here is the detailed story about why and how this was developed: https://blizzbrush.com/pages/why-and-how-i-developed-a-10-times-better-toothbrush-as-an-ex-f1-engineer

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