Blizzbrush 7.0 - the revolutionary toothcleaning-sponge.

Finally easy, perfect, fast toothcleaning.

Apr 2023 - Introducing the new Blizzbrush 7.0 Toothcleaning-Sponge: it cleans all teeth at the same time, by just biting and grinding in it for a few seconds. Safe, and perfect, and fast - Toothbrushing solved. The result of 10 years development + production of high-tech toothcleaning tools.

According to clinical studies manual and electric toothbrushes clean just up to 70%, and only if correctly used for 2-3 minutes. Their geometry can not reach all places, and people typically only brush for about 40 seconds, and not with the correct brushing techniques and pressures applied.

With conventional toothbrushes, cleaning efficacy is 100% dependent on how and where your own hand is moving them.

This leads to tartar buildup, inflammations, bad breath, caries, periodontosis, and many additional problems. And that's the main reason why there are so often problems with your teeth.

But we have solved these problems now: with the Toothbrush-Sponge.

It cleans everywhere automatically, easily, and soft and safe, by just biting and grinding in it for a few seconds. No "brushing technique", and not much time needed anymore.


Blizzbrush 7.0

Blizzbrush 7.0

(C) Dentist Dr. Tristan Peh, showing stunning cleaning result after a few seconds Blizzbrush biting+grinding:


Easy washing and drying of the anti-microbial silicone sponge:

The Silicone sponge is perfectly hygienic. Its completely airy ("open-cell") structure does not keep dirt or bacteria, is easily washable and dries fast. Silicone is perfectly anti-microbial, no dirt adheres to it.

It adapts to all teeth and dentures, and the silicone fibers clean perfectly. It is the result of 10 years of development and manufacturing of high-tech toothcleaning-tools.


Above: Showing Blizzbrush cleaning with an intersection of the Blizzbrush sponge.

The silicone fibers and the sponge-ribs reach into all cavities especially well.

Regarding Recycling: Traditional toothbrushes are using metal blades to mount the bristles in a plastic body, making them a recycling nightmare. We have solved this problem as well, our sponges are 100% easy recyclable. They consist only of easy-to-recycle silicone, and nothing else.

How it works in the mouth

Biting and grinding in the Blizzbrush while moving the jaws left-right and forward-backward replicates the Bass-cleaning method and Gumline-cleaning method recommended by dentists.

Biting and grinding in the sponge replicates the cleaning methods recommended by dentists. The silicone-sponge fibers have similar dimensions and characteristics like toothbrush-bristle-fibers, but they are much softer to the gums:

The new Blizzbrush sponge-ribs  perfectly reach and clean interdental regions as well:

The toothcleaning-sponge perfectly adapts to individual denture geometries while cleaning:

Sponge fibers adapt perfectly to individual teeth and clean everywhere at the same time:

The new sponge-ribs adapt perfectly to all denture shapes and clean them perfectly:

Cut open sponge shows how teeth move in the sponge cleaningly:


Blizzbrush 7.0

Dentists (not affiliated with us) confirm stunning cleaning efficacy of our toothcleaning-sponges:

(c) Dentist Dr. Tristan Peh in Singapore



Why and how we developed this


  • Perfect cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning
  • No complicated cleaning technique needed
  • Cleans everywhere automatically
  • Applies correct pressures automatically
  • Super soft cleaning
  • Extremely fast
  • Whiter teeth
  • Proper cleaning eliminates bad breath
  • No Electronics
  • No battery
  • No power consumption
  • No noise
  • Long lasting sponges
  • 100% easy recyclable

Blizzbrush 6+7 "How To Use":

See detailed "How To" with explanations here

1 Blizzbrush costs 6.66 in a 6-pack.