How to use the Blizzbrush

You basically just bite into the sponge slits and bite and grind for about 15 seconds.

Showing it here in slow motion - Below the video you find a more detailed description.


1. Rinse mouth, then put a bit of toothpaste on your tongue, mix with saliva, move mixed fluid around your mouth to distribute over teeth, then spit out.

2. Take bent sponge halfway into mouth, untill your lips can hold it. Put tongue between the wings.

3. Now - while your mouth/jaw is still wide open - push the sponge completely in by pushing with your finger in the center.

Pressing the sponge center in with your fingers (shown in the foto), and letting the sponge expand to the left/right-sides in your mouth, enlarges the biting-slits and thus lets you bite in easily immediately. 

Then move jaw forwards/backwards, and left/right while biting deeper into the slits. (Further opens the slits to bite in properly).

4. To brush/clean, make biting movements, while also moving jaw left/right and forwards/backwards. Pressing the tongue against the sponge further increases pressures and thus cleaning efficacy. You can even press your hands on your face for even more cleaning pressure.

5. After biting for about 10 seconds, also grind left/right and backwards/forwards for a few seconds while bitten in only half way.

5. Take sponge out, rinse mouth again, and wash sponge under running water, squeeze out, then shake out (because the sponge-material is completely airy, after shaking out 20 times it will already be almost completely dry). Put on water-glass for drying completely.

Using different sides of the sponge each time when using it increases cleaning efficacy and longevity of the sponge.

Flossing is still necessary (although much less than without a Blizzbrush).

Don't forget your yearly or half-yearly checkups with your dentist and dental hygienist.

 Resting/drying position of the Blizzbrush on waterglass.