How To Use the Blizzbrush Sponge-Toothbrush

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Showing usage of the Blizzbrush

  • Just like ordinary toothbrushes, the sponge feels a bit hard/voluminous in the beginning, but softens up after the first couple of uses.
  • While pushing the sponge in, press its wings to the left and right with your tongue.
  • While brushing, keep pressing with your fingers (or close your lips completely) as well as with your tongue (to the left/right/front).
  • To increase cleaning pressure you can even apply pressure with your hands on your cheeks.


  • The main purpose of toothpaste is to protect your tooth-surfaces against caries (the fluoride in your toothpaste does this). Mixing toothpaste with saliva distributes it over your teeth. Afterwards, before brushing, it can be spit out.
  • Don't rinse your mouth extensively after brushing before sleeping. That keeps the fluorid-protection intact for the night.
  • Pressing the front of the sponge with your fingers while cleaning increases pressure and cleaning efficacy even more. Do also press inside front and left and right with your tongue for higher cleaning forces. You could even press with your hands on your cheeks to increase cleaning forces (but it should normally not even be necessary).
  • When starting to use a new sponge: the sponge becomes much softer and super-easy to use after the first couple of usages. Making it wet (and shaking out) before using it the first couple of times, facilitates starting to use it (if you should feel this was necessary). Using it dry simply applies larger cleaning forces. But you could use it wet just as well, simply bite and grind a few seconds longer then.

 How it works in the mouth: