Tooth Flossing Revolution

All teeth perfectly flossed in few seconds

The revolutionary tailored 3D-printed flosser allows you to floss all teeth at once, in just few seconds. And it's as easy as biting into an apple. Now you can finally easily floss every day, which is urgently recommended by dentists. 

A quantum leap for oral hygiene


The flosser is super-easy to use and works perfectly

because it is exactly tailored to your teeth. This lets you instantly bite in and floss in about 14 seconds instead of over 5 minutes when correctly flossing by hand. It automatically flosses all about 60 locations you have to concentrate on when flossing by hand (about 30 interdental regions, and there always the left and the right tooth). And you don't have to concentrate on a complicated technique anymore - you just bite and grind a little in the flosser. Using the Blizzflosser is much fun and easily becomes your new quick daily routine.

Flossing is easy and takes just few seconds

Easy to wash under water

The flosser uses our re-usable, washable, soft toothfloss.  
Biting into the flosses is super easy, because they are located exactly over your pesonal interdental regions, and because of our special floss design, and because your jaws develop a lot of evenly distributed force. 
To bite in, you just move your jaws a little bit left-right and backwards-forwards. That forces the flosses to nicely hook into your interdental spaces.

Biting and grinding reproduce correct flossing-technique perfectly 

Under pressure, when biting into it, the special multifloss deforms and becomes thin enough to easily glide between all teeth. At the same time it is soft enough to not hurt your gums. It is thick enough to clean tooth surfaces perfectly. And still thin enough to cleaningly glide into the space between teeth and gums ("gingival sulcus").

Multifloss perfectly adapts to your teeth and gums

Quick 100% perfect cleaning technique

which perfectly replicates the manual flossing-techniques recommended by dentists:
As soon as you have bitten in to the flosses:
  •  first grind left-right, while also moving jaws backwards and forwards
  •  then grind backwards-forwards, while also moving jaws to the left and to the right
  •  then bite a little, while also moving your jaws left-right and backwards-forwards at the same time
This whole cleaning routine takes about 10 seconds.

No electricity needed

The flosser doesn't need electricity. No electronics, no batteries, no noise - your teeth are capable of perfectly cleaning themselves with the Blizzflosser.
One flosser lasts up to 3 months. We sell them in packs of 5.

Save about 30 hours per year in cleaning time

Flossing by hand normally takes about 5 minutes. 5 Minutes * 365 days = 1800 minutes = 30 hours. And with the BlizzFlosser you could easily floss twice daily as well...


Perfectly tailored based on tooth impressions you can easily and immediately take at home

How we design the flosser from an impression, a scan, or from direct fotos.

How to receive your first flossers

  1. Create denture-impressions - you can easily and immediately do this at home now:
  2. With the fotos of the impressions we can perfectly design your personal tailored flosser.
  3. We manufacture and send you a 5-pack of tailored flossers then, which will last for well over a year.
  4. After that you can order additional tailored replacement flossers from us any time. 


We've been working on innovative tailored 3D-printed flossing tools for many years

Besides our toothbrush work we have been working on "solving flossing" for many years already. 

One of our many different older flosser designs and prototypes.

Previous designs were still too difficult to use, among other disadvantages.

But now we have finally solved it - the Blizzflosser works perfectly, is easy to use, and very affordable.