The new BlizzFlosser 4.0: Tooth Flossing Solved

The BlizzFlosser 4.0 is finally here!

The new 4.0 version is now "mass-customized", instead of "mass-tailored", which substantially reduces our design- + manufacturing-cost, and thus the prices for our customers. We are using pre-fabricated standard-size trays now (instead of designing and manufacturing them individually for each customer). What stays individually tailored are the floss-positions in the trays. We have detected this works as well as the previous completely tailored ones (overall denture geometry dimensions do not vary that much between people. But the interdental geometries do).

The result is a perfectly working, wonderful flosser, and prices are reduced from ca. 300.- to 119.- for a 6-pack of flossers (everything, even tailoring and shipping, is already included in this price!). We think this will solve the flossing problem for many people.

With the BlizzFlosser, daily flossing is suddenly a lot of fun!

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