How to take the impressions for BlizzFlosser tailoring

We used to send dental impression kits to our customers - but that takes time, is expensive, difficult to use, and bad for the environment. Therefore we developed this new method, that is immediately available, easy to do and costs almost nothing (of course if you already have impressions, then just take a foto of these with a ruler, like described below. If you have digital scans, please send them as STL-files):

  1. Toast a toast - continue after 15 minutes when it has become cold

  2. Cut the toast so that it is about 70 mm wide (= 2.75 inch). This is about the width of your denture. (If you have problems moving this width into your mouth, you can cut it further).

  3. Spread the toast with cold butter (about 2 mm / 0.08 inch thick). The best/easiest way is to cut 2 thick slices from a block of butter, put them on the toast and press/spread a bit so that the butter sticks firmly and reaches the edges of the toast, like shown in the foto.

  4. Take the toast into the mouth carefully, as deep as possible, without your teeth touching the butter yet, until it reaches the last molars. Picture shows how to take impressions of the lower teeth.

  5. When the toast is over your last molar and parallel to the surface of your teeth, press it firmly down with your fingers onto your teeth so that an impression is made.

  6. Now lift the toast carefully up and move it out (without your teeth touching the butter again, so that the impression is preserved).

  7. Then take a sharp foto of the impression (normal lens, no flash) from above, as close as possible, together with a ruler, like shown in the picture below.
  8. Now repeat this for your upper teeth. It is best to take a new toast and put new cold butter from the fridge on it. (Or you spread the used one, put it in the fridge and wait for half an hour before using it again. Cold butter creates sharper contours of the impressions.) 

  9. Send the 2 fotos for upper and lower denture to - Thank you!