Testers confirm stunning cleaning efficacy of the Blizzbrush 5.0

Bloggers, testers, users confirm stunning cleaning efficacy. The dental health blog / Youtube-channel @ElectricTeeth published a test of the Blizzbrush 5.0 in Feb 2023, and here is the stunning cleaning result they achieved already after just 15 seconds of biting and grinding in the brush (and they had not even fully bitten in. And brushing for 30 seconds cleans even twice as much.):

Jon Love from @ElectricTeeth dental health blog said: "The Blizzbrush cleans much better than one would imagine", "the cleaning results are rather impressive for the 15 seconds or so I had it in the mouth" and "far better than most would ever imagine".

Since then we introduced versions 6 and 7, which clean even better, are much more (perfectly!) comfortable to use, and cost much less because of manufacturing efficiencies we were able to achieve.